Abbi: UX/UI Designer | Web Designer | Brand Designer | Illustrator

"All I want to do is create. I literally dream in design and code. My passion is creating custom work that speaks to users and provides a seamless experience."

AMUX Atticus - a retro mascot for AMUX Designs pointing at the pricing for web design and brand identity.

Website Design

"When I begin a website design project I take a thorough look at their marketing materials, their target audience, and their goals associated with their site. My websites are customized - you won't find templated over-used sites here - only uniquely fantastic experiences."

A retro cartoon pencil waving.


"Branding is the basis for launching a successful business. Putting that effort into your brand helps you connect with your audience and avoid any possible messaging disconnects with your audience. Canva simply can't compete with brand specialists - only trademarkable items created here."

Hand gesture for "Why"
Retro hand drawn illustration

Design Work

"My design subscribers enjoy a seamless workflow using Trello. These subscriptions are great for me as I get to work on a large variety of projects spanning different media variants. It's great to form that relationship with a company and really build out their marketing materials."

A retro computer cartoon snapping it's fingers - web design magic. AM UX Designs Atticus, the computer.

The Mission:

Helping businesses connect with their audience through research driven design decisions.