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I am a User Experience Designer located in Colorado Springs. I specialize in creating a successful online presence for your business. It is so important to have a plan when creating a successful web presence for your business. This is why hiring a UX Designer to help you launch your business online is the smart move. 

I am located in Colorado Springs, but I offer design & SEO services to many businesses across the states. 

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Don't worry, I don't set up your site and disappear! I have many different plans that will cater to the updates and routine maintenance of your site. 

Creating the site and launching it is one thing. It is another thing entirely to make sure it maintains a strong web presence. 





I am a User Experience Designer who specializes in web site design. What this means is I focus on how users interact with your site. Web sites need to appeal to a wide variety of users, and the better the experience for the user the more likely they will revisit your site. I am local to Colorado Springs but perform work remotely for businesses all over the nation.

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Search Engine Optimization is important to think about when planning a site design. It is more than simply studying keywords and placing them randomly throughout your site. This complex science deserves a lot of attention. This is why businesses turn to an SEO Expert to improve their site's appearance on search engines. 



You tell me the content you need on your site. I develop the content to maximize the efficiency of your website. Content development plays a large roll in the success of the user's experience. When content is clean and concise, users are less likely to navigate away from your website. This also plays directly into your SEO rank. 


I know everyone has a cell phone with a decent camera. However, the art of photography is far more complex than the automatic mode on your camera. This involves proper lighting, lenses, and backdrops. Product photography is important for your online business. Your product is unique and special to you. Make sure that your photographs represent that fact.



Graphic design is an important aspect of any business. Whether you need business cards or social media marketing materials, you need to know your designer can handle both mediums. I work with both print and online media. I can help you with your logo design, marketing materials, and typography. 



Social media marketing is still relatively new to the business world, and a lot of businesses are still trying to catch up. It can be frustrating coming up with content for your social media platforms, and managing each account can be overwhelming. Hire a professional to organize and plan your social media strategy. You have a business to focus on, let someone else handle your social media accounts. 

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