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Website design is a very important part of your business. Today the internet has a large amount of unappealing designs with a poor user experience. When you research 


and plan your design for user experience, your site passes those that have not. This puts your business ahead by doing one thing: research.

This leads me to my title in the design world. I am a User Experience Designer who specializes in Web Site Design.

What is a User Experience Designer? I study the psychology behind design and how that affects the user. I know the design principles that make a successful design. Yet, I also pay attention to what your targeted audience needs from the design.

A very important aspect of design is knowing how your design affects the consumer. I do this by asking the proper questions to get to know your targeted audience. Once we establish you targeted audience, we plan your site's map. Then we prototype the design. I research carefully about the site's colors, typography, photos, and layout. All these aspects play into how someone navigates your web site.

The big difference between a User Experience Designer and a Web Designer is that I focus on the user and how the overall design affects them.

I make sure your vision for your site translates to a design that will work for both you and your audience.

Get a responsive design. Responsiveness in web design simply means your site will look great across mobile and desktop platforms. 

I work with your budget. 

Starting a new business can be expensive. I have a lot of different packages available to help you launch your online business without breaking the bank. 

Receive a great design that emphasizes User Experience. The most overlooked part of a design is creating a seamless user experience. Hiring a user experience designer is how you can ensure your site performs just as well as it looks. 

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The big question:

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (also known as SEO) is the process of making your website rank on search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo. There are millions of websites out there. How can you be sure people are able to find yours among so many others? There is a scientific process that involves a lot of research and planning to achieve this.

Many believe it is as simple of placing keywords throughout your site. Though that is a small aspect of SEO, it is far from the whole picture. Search Engine's have an algorithm that reads websites and ranks them. The ranking takes into account the readability of your site along with keywords.

The reason this becomes such a complex process is that this algorithm is always changing. So it is up to SEO experts to keep up with the constant change. Hiring an expert to perform SEO on your site helps search engine users find you among the noise.

Because SEO is a constantly changing science, this is not a one and done job. I continue to work on your website's SEO each week. Your competitors are making sure they keep up. You need to keep up too.

I work with your budget. I have numerous plans that will work for you and your business. 

I constantly update your site for SEO purposes. As I said before, SEO is a dynamic science. An ever changing science deserves constant attention. 

I am trained in SEO.

I have studied the science of SEO in a formal setting and have applied it to various web sites. I am also constantly reading up on this ever changing science. I stay on top so your site can too. 

Why hire me for SEO work?

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way to get your site ranked on search engines anymore.


This talent plays an important role in search engine optimization. As we know, sprinkling keywords throughout your site is not the

Now, we need to focus on the content development. When a user comes to your site, they want to know exactly what it is you offer. The writing needs to be clean and concise. When your site is bogged down by cluttered writing, users get frustrated and navigate away from your site.

This is where strong content development comes in. It is important to hire someone who can ask the right questions about your business. The correct questions allow for proper content development right away.

Having a beautiful design attracts the user to navigate through your website. Having strong content invites them to stay on your site, and reach out to your business. This process takes time and care. Not everyone has the time to focus on the process of content development. So hire someone who has the time and the passion to create the content, so you can focus on your business.

I studied writing & editing.

I love to write and took it seriously throughout my education. I quickly advanced to the position of TA in each writing course throughout University. I took that knowledge and studied further how to write for a successful website.

I keep generating content for you. Your site will likely need regular content update. That takes time and attention to detail. That's why I keep up on it. 

I work with you and your budget. I take the time to work out a budget plan that works for you. 

Reasons have me as your content developer...

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Product photography is a different kind of art. I know we live in a world where smart phones are accompanied by higher quality digital cameras. A lot of businesses with online stores

believe photos taken with their phones will do fine. I guarantee these photos you take on your phone will not do your products justice.

This is a specific art that involves the correct lighting, background, bokeh, and much more. I am a professional photographer. I use my expertise to make sure your products look their best. The easiest way to connect to your audience is with breathtaking photos. It is also the easiest way to deter consumers if your product photos aren't professionally done. Make sure your photos aren't the reason you lose consumers.

Although I live in Colorado Springs, businesses send me their products. I take the photos, and then send them back. I then take the time to edit these photos and upload them to your site, and send you the digital copies.

I am a professional photographer.

I have worked in hospitals as a newborn photographer. I have photographed weddings. I settled on product photography as a preferred subject. 

I edit the photos. I use the Adobe Creative Suite to edit your photos for your website and social media platforms. You receive all files. 

You send the products and relax. I take care of all the photography and send the products back to you. All you have to do is check your mail. 

Why chose my photography?

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Branding your company is important to standing out among the crowd. If you have a strong brand, logo, and web presence 

your consumers are more likely to recall your business. They are more likely to mention your business to a friend as well.

This is where the graphic design service steps in. Creating a solid logo and marketing materials is important to engage current and new consumers. I create marketing materials for both print and online media. This includes business cards, social media banners, logos, favicons, and anything else your business needs. I use the Adobe Creative Suite to create these materials.

I make sure to keep your vision in mind. While adapting your vision to follow design standards and current trends. This is a process. It takes some time and collaboration.

From logos to branding, I have you covered. Whether you are starting a new company or re-branding an old one.

Strong branding and logo design.

I work with your vision and create different mock ups for you to review. I make sure your vision comes through.

Designs for Print and Online Media. I create designs for both mediums.  

Designs for Print and Online Media.  A lot of businesses don't hire a designer because they think they can't afford it. Don't let that thought stop you. 

Why hire a Graphic Designer?

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Social Media Marketing is the easiest way to reach a new audience. In this newly emerged world full of social media platforms, businesses are still trying to catch up.

The importance of utilizing these platforms cannot be overstated. There are thousands of potential customers waiting to engage with your business. There are also great marketing tools that come with these platforms. These platforms have the ability to target a very specific audience. This has made it so no business is too specific to be successful on social media.

I am here to give your online business a boost with the use of social media marketing.

Creating an online web presence.

Businesses with a strong social media presence create a community. 

Wide range of consumers. The stronger social media presence, the more people you are going to attract to your business. 

Customer engagement. A strong social media strategy leads to more customer engagement. There is a whole world of consumers at your fingertips. You just need to engage.  

Big reasons for social media marketing

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