My Portfolio of work.

I have worked in many different areas of design, which has allowed me to develop a wide array of skills. A lot of these projects required each of these skills.

Website DesignGraphic DesignAnimation & IllustrationProduct Photography

Website Design

Here you will find the most recent sites I've designed.
I work with the entire Adobe Suite to make these designs a reality, and implement them using primarily Webflow, Wix, Editor X, Shopify, or Wordpress.

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Graphic Design

I have developed most of these brands from scratch and have been contracted for both print and digital design needs.
I utilize Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Dimension and Blender for these projects.

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Logo created for Luminary Divorce CoachingLogo created for Hemingway WoodshopFavicon created for Violet HouseLogo for North Coast Caulking Flighty Fowl logo Eagan Wave Soccer Club Logo

Animations & Illustrations

Here you will find my illustrations and animations created using Adobe Fresco, Adobe Illustrator, and After Effects. Some of these were created to use in logos of brands I've developed, some for social media marketing, and some just for the hell of it.

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Product Photography

I have a wide range of experience in photography.
I have processed landscape and wildlife photography, graduate photography, and product photography.

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